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Mod post

Due to an attack of porno spam bots, the community will function in pre-moderated membership and pre-moderated posting mode from now on and until further notice. Basically this means that when you post something, your posting gets into a queue and is published when a moderator approves it. For those who wants to join the community, their requests likewise will get into a queue awaiting moderator's approval. Thank you for your understanding.


Russian Spammers.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I've written to the mod about either maintaining this community or having it declared abandoned, so that someone else can take over. I love this comm, and I want to try and have it restored to its former glory.

If the mod doesn't respond, and the community is transferred, would anyone like to be a co-mod? I can get a bit short of time, sometimes, and so help would be appreciated. :)

Hopefully this post will manage to stay up for more than five minutes.

my bed......

We sleep. We dream. We hide our tears, fears and vulnerability. Pillows know all our secrets. We fall down lifeless. We open our eyes in the morning to see the sunshine. Passion. Romance. Sickness. Madness. We write love letters, make collages, sing songs, make plans, have breakfast, read books, cuddle teddy bears, stare at the wall. We feel happy and hopeless, we smile and cry. Curl up like children. Insomnia and nightmares, monsters in the dark, treasures in a box, pillow fights, blanket on the floor. We sleep in clothes after party, feel lonely and hold someone’s hand.

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